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There are other Youtubers who have been trying to expose these scummy bastards and have had their YT channel shutdown and hit with severe strikes.And that he might face a big fine and at worst a prison sentence.If we had the option to play fewer numbers (with a lower jackpot of course) then I think that game would be a much bigger success.Furry, Minecraft, Banned, Speedrun, Depression, I need views, Keemstar.

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We are only going to sell the site to an honest team with experience running complex sites like this.

I thought he might give a good point or two and the rest would be attacks.This is grounds for an immediate (and likely permanent) ban, so consider this a warning.This includes naked children in any context (Example: No baby videos where the baby is naked).

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I will admit, that if I had the source code or capability then I would use the bot as well.Bitcoin is gaining traction as a payment option for low-cost items at a popular Las Vegas casino.

Tmartn and ProSyndicate have been promoting a CSGO gambling website without disclosing that they own the website, allegedly targeting teenagers and otherwise underage individuals.If its not obvious, his already shitting his pants because he knows his fucked.He was really annoying to anybody outside of his target audience but at least he never did anything scummy like these fucks.The Wish upon a Jackpot slot is one set in the world of fairy tales,.I was weary going into it too, but the more revelations he made, the more my jaw dropped too. My god.

For example, being entered into a sweepstakes or a contest for a chance to win a thousand dollars in exchange for an endorsement could very well affect how people view that endorsement.When we were building Keno we did initially consider making it such that you could choose to play any amount of numbers between 2 and 10, and then the payout would change depending on that.Videos that become licensed after they are posted will be removed.Reminder that Wolfnigger is literally Keemstar and encourages his fans to use racism on a.The whole mindset of going deep or playing big is the idea that when I do hit, I get most of my money back if not more.

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At first I was thinking that Ethan was throwing around an awful lot of accusations, then he shows that they OWN THE FUCKING WEBSITE.It was a dumb move to promote the keemstar videos, and we have apologized for it already.

Share and Use iphone clipart and images from Openclipart. Bitcoin inside iPhone. by casino 2014-05-07. 1303. 1.The FTC is only concerned about endorsements that are made on behalf of a sponsoring advertiser.

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Today on ELO Boost Secrets we will be exploring the top 5 mistakes that are holding you down.But we should give credit to the person who actually uncovered the whole thing: Honor the call.

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For a month or two he was mentioning that he was working on it, then when it released he mentioned that he and Syndicate and a few others released it, then he even made some comments about what he learned from the process.They actually bought their french CS:GO team a villa to use for group practice and to live together.From Encyclopedia Dramatica (Redirected from Disappoint) Jump to: navigation, search.Just because he owns part of the site, it would be extremely complicated to somehow rig the site.The worst part is that these guys are making money hand over fist and will probably never see any major repercussions.

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Response to the H3 vid: always had a lot of respect for Ethan, never seen a one-sided video from him.

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It was the video when he was giving the guy shit about payment for the art work.

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Edit 3: In the interest of keeping things fair, I noticed that the video where he stated that he found this new site was posted on November 2nd, 2015, but the document stating he owns the website says it was filed on December 3rd, 2015 (This is at 12:03 in the video).

After all, it does state that he is a founding member of the business in the charter.

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Direct links to major video sites are preferred (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).Every single game that I played was real, every single skin that I won or lost was real.Sure some do, but for the most part, YouTube and its viewers are carefully manipulated by a very small select few all following similar formulas.About DH Texas Poker Hack Cheat Tool DH Texas Poker Hack Cheat Tool is the.Hopefully the uploader realizes that he has plenty of support from the Reddit community and across several youtuber ones as well.