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Can you explain the difference between Coinbase and an exchange.Also they should have never quoted a rate unless the transaction took place, as this in itself means that the trade has been executed. 4. Did they segregate the funds until the transaction was complete or did they pool it with other funds that may have been used for other transactions (trades and withdrawals).The question is why did they refuse to act until this public outcry.

They are go much farther than most other Bitcoin exchanges and services, which barely have any support channels and have frequently stolen user money entirely.

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Many notice thins after a month or so, when closing books for month.

Btw, online-wallets neglect the working of the algorithm at some point.The 20th of December somewhere in the world so I go to look at my account and there are no coins.If a trade is not settled, i.e deposited and the funds available by the said settlement date the trade is called a FAILED trade.Because there is no possibility of this not being brought to a judge on the behest of SEC themselves or a consumer complaint.But they are assuming that someone who was long on BTC as a speculator, is still long on BTC.Also, in that same comment, you linked to another voluminous thread criticizing Coinbase.

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The key here is the promise to deliver bitcoins at a certain price at a certain date.No, I would expect the resolution most favorable to the customer in either situation.Adding regulation only makes the barrier to entry worse for new companies.How could you get that amount of money back to dollars, if lets say the price doubled and you wanted to sell.I am sure many here have done much worse when they were my age.Now, according to the edit, Coinbase did the right thing here and are eating the loss.Both parties return at original transaction or go to arbitration.Therefore, there are almost zero regulations that would apply to Bitcoin transactions, other than contract law.

So many libertarians see this as an opportunity for no-regulation to be tested in scale, as a proof of concept.Coinbase, from what I can tell, must have some political advantage that allows them to stay in service.The joke is that people are demanding a product so badly that theyre doing business with kiddies who dont know how to run a financial institution.I see where you are coming from here, and I will try and answer to the best of my abilities.Practically all my followers are my college friends and those sort of posts interest them.

That said, I can see where an ignorant jerk like yourself might consider it a feature that only people who agree with you completely are capable of having a conversation with you.This was understood to mean that Coinbase would honor the original price (868.91) and not the current price.The original poster does seem to have started small(er) before scaling up:.Others in the original thread refuted the argument you are presenting, so I recommend you start before rehashing arguments that have already been addressed.The stupid libertarians get their stupid pie-in-the-sky currency and you get to sit back with a bowl of popcorn (purchased with a government-secured currency of your choice) and enjoy the show.You need to have at least one person in charge of reconciliation.Brave users can buy bitcoin to support their favorite web sites (coming soon).It goes on to tell me my issue is closed and I can reopen it.

They could have done this, and still said what they said and the net effect to the customer would be the same.Excel was over-used in many places, but was not used for day to day transactions and operations.

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They should be balancing the books and checking inventory every day.If BTC went up, I would have had no advantage of them crediting me the coins on the day it was actually due or today.

Pending Request Requested Unfollow. i bounce back #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #invest #dips #gains #. #eastcoast #poker #litecoin #ethereum #coinbase #...Brian, thank you for fixing the issue and making things right.Auditing standards at large banks have a materiality threshold.I had chalked it up to the risk of performing financial transactions in an unregulated marketplace.

Further, Coinbase has never, and will never ban a user for any responsible white-hat security testing of our public endpoints.A large purchase comes in while the commodity is priced high, the commodity is not purchased but instead funds are held on to while the price drops and then the bitcoins are purchased at the lower price and the company pockets the difference.

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And a majority of the (previous) big players have been compromised on more than one occasion.Banning a researcher for security submissions would be bad for both security and business and is counter to our mission.They should really be crediting him 62.9 BTC, which is approximately what he would have gotten by selling on December 13 and buying again today.

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Likewise, unlike banks, there is no legal system in place or organizations that assess companies like this and determine whether their transactions complete and such.In layman terms: (1)they buy and sell BTC on behalf of clients and charge the client for the transaction including their fees. (2)they are an online payment processor of sorts.All HN posts are now about bitcoin, so yeah I guess its a support forum now.At any time between then and now, the OP could have realized his mistake and sold the bitcoins for a lesser loss had they been in possession of the bitcoins.